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About the Author (2015)

Hello World of WordPress!

My full name is Danielle Mahriahna-Skillings Johnson and am currently twenty years old. I’m engaged to a Mr. Cody Lee AllBee as of November 12, 2014 (he just turned twenty-three last May) and I’m totally in love with him. I am pro-choice, non religious, body modified and I have a dark side that will eventually come out. My first and only vehicle that I have is a 1977 C10 Chevy Stepside and yes, I am obsessed. I own two cats, two kittens, five rats and three dogs. I was born in Heidelberg, Germany next to a castle and I moved to Texas when I was six years old, twelve years later my parents split up. As for my aspiring career? I am completely clueless. I strive to be a musician, an artist, a writer (huh, how ironic), a mechanic and even a psychologist but I just didn’t know when I was signing up for the local community college and now I’ve decided to become an English major. From August 2014 to ย March 2016, I considered myself a “sanitation specialist” because “custodian” just sounds dirty and degrading even though that pretty much was in my job description (not literally). I have a total of six siblings, two of them are full, one is half and three are step but we will get into my siblings later. Well, these are the basic fundamental aspects of my life, the details will be elaborated in later blogs.

See you guys later!


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