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Hellloooooo World of Wordpress!

My full name is Danielle Mahriahna-Skillings Johnson and this is my blog! If you managed to make it here you probably did one of the following: followed the tags, jumped from Instagram or Facebook, or maybe I shared the link with you and force-fed my writings down your throat. Either way, I’m glad you’re here to support me and I appreciate the views, likes, and comments on my various posts.

Almost four years ago I met the love of my life. It was November of 2013 when Cody asked me to be his girlfriend, and a year later he proposed to me. Now here we are, engaged and the proud parents of a dog, three cats, two rats, and a bunny.

After thirteen years of living in Texas, I finally moved up to Colorado last July (2016). In a little over two months, I’ll be 21-years-old and hopefully on a trip down to Texas to visit friends and family. It’s only been a little over 9 months since I moved, but my social anxiety has increased to a point I try to stay home most of the time (see: I Don’t Like to Talk About It). Leaving my high school bedroom, and my best friends was really difficult for me mentally. In Colorado, I know a few people who moved up here from Texas, but we don’t really communicate. However, I am fortunate enough to where my fiancé has a few great coworkers/friends that like to eat at various breakfast places and play one of our favorite Playstation games.

As of right now, my life has come to somewhat of a halt. I finished my Associates in General Studies from a community college in my home state, and now I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s in English Writing at a university up here in Colorado. Along with English Writing, I’ll also be looking into minoring in Philosophy. As someone who recently loaded their electives with classes such as Intro to World Religions, or introductory philosophy classes, I believe I’ll get more from my degree if I pursue something else I enjoy.

I’ve been on this blog for a little over two years now and it hasn’t really been focused around one topic. It started out with a week to week synopsis of what all I’ve been doing with my life, but now it’s more of an “I’m going to post what I want when I have an idea” type of blog. The various posts on here will be about me, my views/standpoints, various reviews, summaries of different world religions, my potential book, various collections, and poems. In this site, I’m going to attempt to break the whole idea that blogs should only be formulated around one subject. Mainly because, well, my brain can’t stick to that type of uniformity due to my scatterbrained way of thinking (thanks, mom).

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this little tidbit about me. I hope you enjoy my writings and that the little insights into my life are somewhat interesting enough to subscribe and persuade you to keep reading!

Also, feel free to contact me below:


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