My Happy Place

If you like books, cliche rhyming poems that don’t rhyme throughout the whole thing, or if you just want to take a gander, check this out!


I quit.

Not a poem this time, thought I’d change it up a bit.


Yet, another poem. That’s a little bit more personal than the last.

Ch. One: GraduationĀ 

This is just the start of one of my projects, please give it a read and let me know what you think!!

Record Collection

This is a fairly long list of all of my records as of April 20, 2017.
My mom, grandparents, and friends have all contributed a great deal to this.

The Black Sheep

This short story is about one of the best nights of my life. If you’re interested in meeting a band or if you’re a concert junkie, this is where you should look!

I Don’t Like To Talk About It

This piece of writing is very eye-opening to what I go through on a daily basis. Lately I’ve been working on my dermatillomania, so I decided to open up about it. If you don’t like reading about acne, picking at flaws, or anything along the lines.. don’t read this.


On the night of October 2, 2016, I had a horrific nightmare. As many of you probably know, there have been creepy clown sightings all over the states. They’ve been caught luring kids into the woods, there were assaults at college campuses (one occurred where my best friend attends, be safe Nicole), there have been…

Fifteen Years Apart

They’re whiny. They’re bossy. They’re stubborn. They’re demanding. Who am I describing? A toddler. One might think that the title “Fifteen Years Apart” would refer to an older sibling or maybe even a significant other, well in this case the term “younger sibling” applies. Willow Marie-Skillings Warren (once Skillings Skillings) entered into my life when…